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Resource Collection - Thursday 7th January

Dear Parents/Carers, 


Please see a timetable below to show allocated times for you, as parents, to come to school and collect books and resources that your child will need to support them with their online learning. 


Please come to the main school gate (Fisher Lane) at your year group or class' time slot. 


Thursday 7th January 2021:


Nursery and FS2 - 10:30 - 11:30 

Year 1 - 9:30 - 10:30 

Year 2 - 11:30 - 12:30 

Year 3 - 12:30 - 1:30 

Year 4 - 1:30 - 2:30 

Resource Collection - Thursday 7th January


Telephone System

Dear Parents

Re: - New telephone system

We have a new online telephone system called Horizon.  This allows our staff to safely fulfil the higher volume of calls during school closure.  This means that when we ring you, there will be a Manchester number on your screen.  Please accept this call as it is from us.


Many thanks


Mrs A Maqsood-Shah




Telephone System


Remote learning Information for parents

Dear Parents/Carers

I am writing to inform you about the remote learning arrangements for our pupils. From tomorrow your child should be able to access daily online learning through their TEAMS account (please see the attached guidance for how to log onto TEAMS). My staff will be contacting you directly over the next few days to confirm that your child/ren can access their learning online. However, if you need urgent support then please contact school via the school office number or email the teachers directly using the below emails and someone will get back to you with support. 

To contact the school office please email:-enquiries@highhazelsacademy.org.uk

To contact the EYFS team (Nursery – FS2) please email:-earlyyears@highhazelsacademy.org.uk

To contact our Special Educational Needs Team:-inclusion@highhazelsacademy.org.uk

To contact our KS1 Team (Y1 – Y2) please email:-KS1-Y1-2@highhazelsacademy.org.uk

To contact our KS2 Team (Y3 – Y6) please email: KS2-Y3-6@highhazelsacademy.org.uk


Please click here for Learning Guide for Nursery and Reception Pupils

Please click here for Learning Guide for Y1-Y6 Pupils


As I mentioned in my letter to you yesterday, it is paramount that all pupils continue their learning by accessing their online provision every day and your support with this is invaluable to us. Once again, I want to thank you for your co-operation, support, and efforts in supporting the continuity of learning for your child/ren. I know that with my team's hard work, determination to offer the best education for our pupils and your support we can ensure that no child falls behind or misses out on their education during this lockdown. 


Yours sincerely


Mrs. A Maqsood-Shah


Remote learning Information for parents


Urgent Covid-19 Update

Urgent - Covid-19 Update


Dear Parents/Carers


The Government has this evening announced that, on the advice of its medical and scientific experts, all schools will now begin the term under remote learning. This is in order to help minimise the transmission of the virus even though the risk to young people remains very small.


Therefore, as a result of this, we will be providing all pupils with a full online curriculum and lessons which will be available from  Wednesday 6th January. As you will understand, the announcement of the full Lockdown has only been made this evening and with very little warning, so we are moving very quickly to provide a full timetable but it may take us a day to have everything completely in place. to this end the school will be closed to all pupils on Tuesday 5th January and the day will be an INSET day for all staff. 


The children of key workers and those who are deemed vulnerable will be able to continue to come to school from Wednesday 6th of January.


Those pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals will be sent vouchers to cover these for this week and we will let you know as soon as possible about what will be provided in future weeks. 


Read more

Urgent Covid-19 Update


Ancient Egypt Visit in School - 12th January

Dear Parent / Carer,

As part of our topic this half term we are learning about Ancient Egypt.

On Tuesday 12th January, we have invited the Dan Tastic Education company to visit us with a range of resources and workshops to support our understanding about ancient Egypt and their way of life. To help us fund this visit we are asking for a contribution of £5.00 please can parents pay this via Parent Mail.

Please note that the school and Dan Tastic Education company have completed a detailed risk assessment to ensure that the visit can take place with all the safety measures including social distancing.

 In the meantime why not visit their website with your child at

 http://www.dantasticeducation.com/ancient-egypt/  and discuss different topics covered during the workshop

Thank you in advance for your support.

Yours sincerely,


The Year 3 Team.


Ancient Egypt Visit in School - 12th January


Autumn Term Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers

This is my last message to you of 2020. What a year it has been! We have had many successes despite all the challenges of the pandemic and for this I am very grateful to all our amazing staff and families of High Hazels Academy.

As we come to the end of autumn term, I am filled with pride to be part of such a fantastic team and learning communities. We have managed to maintain our high standards of teaching and learning for all pupils, support all our vulnerable families, and kept school open for learners. There is so much to celebrate this term. Please do read through the rest of the newsletter to find out about the experiences your child/ren has had thus far. I hope that you like our new format of the newsletter too.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our staff, pupils and community a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a restful break. Please stay safe during the festive period. I look forward to working with you all again in January 2021.

Please click here to view the newsletter

Kind regards


Mrs Shah

Autumn Term Newsletter


We have finished Autumn 2 Term - Lets see what's been happening in Y5..............

In year 5, we have made wonderful progress towards the end of the year. The children came back to school after the half term fresh faced and eager to learn. This term our topic has been ‘Investigating World Trade’, which we have corporates into all our learning.


In reading and writing we completed King Arthur topic and wrote our discussions regarding whether he was a real person or an exaggerated character from stories. The children researched who he was and how the stories became so famous before deciding what they believed to be true. After this, we began to look at ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’. In reading, we explored the text and the evacuations of WW2 to help the children connect with the text and understand why the children had to leave the city. The children were excited and very inquisitive when learning about the air raids and evacuations of the Second World War. In writing, we read the text and watched clips from the film of Lucy entering the wardrobe. The children then had the opportunity to write their own setting description using their senses as well as using similes, metaphors and parenthesis.


In geography we have been looking at world trade and Fairtrade products. We have explored what Fairtrade is, why it is important and how world trade affects people all over the world. The children have also had the opportunity to explore what food comes from where and how it is imported and exported globally, as well has having the opportunities to try some new fruits from across the globe.


The children have carried on with their city-scapes in art and have created their final piece using the knowledge and skills they have practised over the Autumn term. In P4C, the children have discussed why and what we are grateful for as well as why we should, and we can help other people. All the children had amazing and selfless ideas especially during these tough times. For PE, the children have participated in gymnastics where they have learnt stretches, poses and different ways to travel. With this, the children have created their own routines in groups. When they had time to practise, they performed to the rest of the class where the rest of the children analysed the performances. 

We have finished Autumn 2 Term - Lets see what's been happening in Y5..............


We have finished Autumn 2 Term - Lets see what's been happening in Reception..............

This half term in Reception we have been learning about nocturnal animals, owls and Christmas. The children enjoyed a visit from Owl Wise Falconry where they got to learn facts about owls, watch a flying display and have a photo holding one of the owls. In Phonics we have been practicing to recognise and write the Set 1 sounds and in Literacy, we have read stories including Whatever Next, Owl Babies and I Love You Father Christmas. They have acted out, drawn story maps and ordered sentences for each book. In Math’s we have been learning about numbers 3, 4 and 5, counting objects to 5, 1 more and 1 less, positional language and 2D shapes. To end the half term, we have been busy creating festive cards, calendars and winter pictures using a variety of media and materials. We also learnt the song ‘Snowflake’ with actions and performed it as a year group.

We have finished Autumn 2 Term - Lets see what's been happening in Reception..............


We have finished Autumn 2 Term - Lets see what's been happening in Y6..............

Year 6 have continued to shine this half term and we have enjoyed deepening our knowledge of the Victorians. 

In English, we have produced some fantastically eye-catching double page information texts, detailing the differences between how the lower, middle and upper class lived during this time.  For this, we conducted research, looking at a range of different sources, and compared their homes, their diet, their experiences and their family life.  Within this unit, we developed our ability to use a range of conjunctions (both coordinating and subordinating) and sentence structures.  

We have also enjoyed writing stories inspired by one of our high-quality class texts – The Nowhere Emporium.  We learnt how authors use ‘Show Don’t Tell’ as a technique to effectively convey emotions and used this within our own narratives. 

In maths, we have developed a secure understanding of fractions, now being able to compare, order and simplify as well as solve fraction problems involving the four operations.  Additionally, we are absolutely loving our CLIC maths review sessions, where we get to practise our key skills and challenge ourselves every week. 

We have completed a unit called ‘Improving our Environment’ in geography and it has been eye-opening!  We have maturely noted and discussed the impact that human behaviour is having on our environment and have thought carefully about small changes that we can make in school and at home.

One of our favourite subjects this half term has been science; we have been studying electricity and have completed a series of experiments to measure the effect of altering different variables on the circuit output. 

Overall, we are so impressed with our year 6 pupils this term and have loved to see them engaged and progressing in all areas of the curriculum.  We can’t wait to dive into our WW2 theme next term and know that they will continue to make us proud every day. 


We have finished Autumn 2 Term - Lets see what's been happening in Y6..............




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