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End of Term Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers

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It has been a challenging, enjoyable and very productive half term at high Hazels. Reflecting on what we have done and achieved thus far, fills me with pride and humility to be part of such an amazing staff team who all work hard together for the better of all our pupils and to serve our supportive community. We have completed our end of term assessments for all year groups where our pupils have demonstrated the fantastic progress gained in this Autumn term. Well done to all our pupils, their determination and resilience is commendable.

This half term tarted with our annual High Hazels Lantern Parade on the 5th of November, and I am sure you will agree with me that it was a resounding success. For this I am grateful to all the local councillors Mary Lea and Zahida Naz, South Yorkshire police, Darnall Well-Being, Sheffield Park Academy, Local youth clubs and our fantastic PTA. The success of this event is due to the meticulous planning of our school leaders, creativity of our pupils and the support of all the mentioned groups and organisation, without whom this event would not be possible.

As always, our pupils have received a full complement of an exciting curriculum and enrichment offer including theatre visits, inter school sports tournaments, after school clubs, Reception Christmas singalong, swimming offer to Years 3 and 4, end of term parties, Christmas jumper and Children in need fund raising events, just to list a few.

This half term we have been able to restart our face-to-face parental engagement offers cautiously and carefully such as: family learning, toddler group, coffee morning, reading workshops, weekly achievement assemblies, PTA meetings, parent consultation meetings.

How you can help us next term:

  1. We need parent volunteers to support or free breakfast offer for all pupils.  From January all our pupils will receive a free breakfast bagel in the morning as part of our commitment to ensure all pupils have a great start to their learning day with a healthy breakfast. To this end I am reaching out to all of our parents to ask for parent volunteers to support us in the mornings in preparing this breakfast. You can volunteer for 1 hour for any day in the week. If you or anyone in your family has the capacity to support us with this than please speak to your child’s class teacher.
  2. We need a parent working group to consider our Relationships Health and Sex Education curriculum consultation. If you are a parent and would like to be part of this working party, then please contact the school office, and let us know. The group will begin their work/consultation with myself in January week beginning 10th of January. I am hoping to be able to go out to full parent body consultation by the end of January in order to complete the consultations by February half term. This will then allow the RHSE policy to be ratified and in place from March 2022.

Finally I would like to thank all our pupils, staff, governors and parents for their continued support and efforts.

Wishing all our school communities a Happy New Year and a very merry festive season.


Yours sincerely

Mrs A Maqsood-Shah


End of Term Newsletter


New Spring Enrichment Clubs for Y3

Dear Parents/Carers

At High Hazels Academy, we are committed to offering an Education With Character, and this commitment extends beyond the classroom.  We firmly believe in providing every child with the opportunity to develop their skills, talents, creativity, and resilience beyond the core curriculum, which is why all children have access to lunchtime and afterschool enrichment clubs. 

The Clubs available for Y3 children are:- Sewing, Sport and Cooking

Parents/Carers you can sign your children up to take part in a club via the Arbor app

Many thanks

New Spring Enrichment Clubs for Y3


Its the end of Autumn 2 term 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y3…………………….

Year 3 have had a fantastic half term full of learning, creativity and fun. We are so proud of the children for the way in which they have continued to try their best in all aspects of the curriculum.  


During this half term, the children have been learning all about prehistoric Britain. In this topic, we explored the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age. As Historians, we examined different images and identified artefacts that help archaeologist learn all about the past. Also, we explored the different lifestyles of people from this era including how they searched for food through hunting, gathering, and farming.


This half-term in writing, we have been reading a portal story called ‘The Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura. During this unit, the children learnt all about the structure and features of a fictional narrative by using a story mountain. From this, the children were able to create a first-person portal story where they ended up during the time of the dinosaurs focusing on using direct speech.


In science we have been learning all about light. This unit has been packed with practical experiments and investigations where the children have explored different aspects of light. We learnt that objects that emit light are called a light source, and objects that reflect light are not a light source. Through an experiment, we discovered that some materials reflect light better than other; the children really enjoyed this day!

D & T

In D & T, we have created picture frames as the children have been exploring free-standing structures. First, we looked at different products that are designed with a free-standing structure and how they are sturdy. Then, we investigated the best way to make our frames stable and the best adhesives to use. After that, we finally got to design and make our very own free-standing picture frames. This was so much fun!

After-school Clubs:

The children have really loved being part of the after-school clubs available to them. We have had some very excited children for Art Club, Science Club, Sports Club and Dance Club. We hope to see the same enthusiasm in the clubs for next half term!

We hope the children have a well-deserved rest over the Christmas holidays, and we look forward to welcoming them back for a new term of learning where we will be exploring all new topics.

See you soon,

Year 3 team.

Its the end of Autumn 2 term 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y3…………………….


Its week 6 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y3…………………….


Over the last few weeks, Year 3 have been reading a book called Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura. In their Reading lessons, pupils considered how the boy might have been feeling when he fell through a perplexing portal and ended up in the Stone Age. To do this, they completed a Mood Graph to understand the character's emotions at different parts of the story. We are so proud of their work!

Its week 6 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y3…………………….


Christmas Party Day/ Non Uniform Day 15th December

Dear Parents/Carers,

On the afternoon of Wednesday 15th December 2021 FS2-Y6 will be having a Christmas party.

School will buy party food and drink for all the children, and we would ask that parents pay £1 per child.  This money can be brought into school on the day.   

This is also a non-uniform day for all the children.

If your child has any allergies then please ensure their medical records are up to date in the office.

If you have any questions or queries then please come and speak to your child’s class teacher.

We are looking forward to a good afternoon.

Thank you for your continued support,

Christmas Party Day/ Non Uniform Day 15th December


Its week 5 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y3…………………….

This week in Year 3,  we have been learning about products with free-standing structures and will be designing and creating our own photo frames in the upcoming weeks. In this lesson, children investigated different ways to strengthen and join card to find which was the most effective, We tried rolling, folding, and layering the card. We practised joining with glue, tape, and paperclips. Layering and glue worked the best!

Its week 5 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y3…………………….




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