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Parent Forum Meeting - face to face in school 8th July 9.30am

Dear Parents/Carers

We will hold the last parent forum meeting of the academic year face to face in school on Friday 8th July 9.30am in the infant hall. The meeting will give parents and carers an opportunity to hear all the latest school news and updates.

This meeting will be Mrs Shah's last parent forum meeting as Principal of High Hazels Academy.

All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Many thanks



Parent Forum Meeting - face to face in school 8th July 9.30am


Sports Day Tuesday 28th June & Wednesday 29th June

Dear Parents/Carers

We are holding our sports days on Tuesday 28th June and Wednesday 29th June:

Tuesday 28th June - 9-10am FS1 AM, 10.15 - 11.15am Year 2, 11.30 - 12.30pm Year 6, 1.10 - 2.10pm Year 1, 2.20 - 3.20pm FS1 PM

Wednesday 29th June - 9-10am FS2, 10.15 - 11.15am Year 4, 11.25 - 12.25pm Year 3, 1.40 - 2.40pm Year 5

Parents are welcome to come to the school field and watch the children compete.

Many thanks

Sports Day Tuesday 28th June & Wednesday 29th June


Its week 2 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y4…………………….

It is now Y4Turquoise's turn to enjoy samba lessons with Sheffield Music Hub. We were introduced to the instruments we would be using and learnt some of the signals Liam uses to keep us playing together. It was so much fun experimenting with different sounds and we loved playing together. At times it was difficult to keep to the correct rhythm but we had lots of fun trying and our first song is sounding amazing. 

Its week 2 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y4…………………….


Its week 1 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y4…………………….

Y4 have had a very exciting return to school with the jubilee celebrations and the first of our Grimm and co. writing workshops. On Tuesday, we celebrated The Queen's 70 year reign by making crowns, bunting, learning about the monarchy and having a whole school party outside. It was an amazing event and we made many special memories together. On Wednesday, we continued the fun by completing a corgi treasure hunt around school. We really enjoyed working out the clues to complete the challenge. 

Its week 1 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y4…………………….


Multiplication Tables Check

Dear parents and carers,

In June, the Year 4s will be completing the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC). Here is some information about the assessment:

  • The assessment consists of 25 multiplication questions up to 12 x 12 e.g. 6 x 8 =
  • The questions will be weighted towards more challenging times tables (6, 7, 8, 9, 12).
  • Children will have 6 seconds to complete each question.
  • Children will have a 3 second gap in between questions.
  • The check will be taken on a computer or an I pad.
  • There is no pass mark.
  • The purpose of the check is to identify which children do not know their multiplication tables so they can receive support in Y5 and 6 before they leave school.
  • We will share your child’s score with you.
  • Children have been learning their times tables in school and practise daily.
  • Over the half term, we recommend that you support children to practise their times tables as much as possible. Here are some useful resources:

Kind regards,

Miss Scrimgeour


Multiplication Tables Check


Its the end of Summer 1 term 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y4…………………….

We have had a great start to Summer Term in Year 4 so far. We are thrilled with the children's attitudes, hard work and kindness - we have thoroughly enjoyed teaching them lots of different aspects of the curriculum over the last 6 weeks.   

We started summer term with our new topic in Geography, Earthquakes. We began by exploring what causes an earthquake to happen with the children learning lots of new language, like ‘boundary plate.’ We have been investigating two case studies; The Japan Earthquake of 2011 and The Haitian Earthquake of 2010.  Children have been given the opportunity to compare these case studies and use their new knowledge to express their opinions on their new learning. We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching this topic due to the children's enthusiasm and interest for learning about earthquakes.   

One of our favourite subjects this half term has been writing where all our units have been linked to the rainforest, based on the text ‘There’s Orangutan in My Bedroom.’ Last week, we finished our speeches to persuade people to stop deforestation. Children even had the opportunity to put their hard work to the test by reading out their speeches in assembly to parents, year 6’s and their fellow year 4’s. They pretended they were an orangutan that had lost its home in the rainforest. The work the children produced was excellent, imaginative and they all used a range of devices to engage and convince audience to stop deforestation.

As always, Year 4 reading has been excellent this term. We have explored a range of different texts including a non-fiction text about the rainforest, a story about a new arrival in class called ‘The boy at the Back of the Class,’ and the old favourite of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’ In addition, we developed our inference skills used to understand the text by thinking about what the characters were thinking and feeling.

In maths, children have amazed us in our new unit on decimals. They have learnt new concepts such as tenths and hundredths and have been able to apply their knowledge to different concepts including dividing by 10 and 100 and representing decimals in place value grids and on number lines.

In music, Year 4 have been learning a range of different skills. Liam, from Sheffield Music Hub has been teaching drumming lessons. All the classes will also learn a new song to sing for the Sheffield Music virtual concert at the end of the year which we are excited to perform.

A highlight of this summer half term has been creating our ‘Starry Night’ painting based on the famous Vincent Van Gogh. We explored mixing colours to create light and dark and looked at textures and lines in painting to create effect. We then began to paint our pieces layering up the dark colours first and then adding extra detail. It was great to see how the children using their painting techniques to create texture.

In other news, the children have been gearing up to celebrating the Platinum Jubilee by designing posters marking the occasion. The designs the children came up with were fantastic and imaginative, the children developing their understanding and knowledge of the Queen and her immense sense of duty.

We hope that all our children and families celebrating Eid, had a wonderful time. We really enjoyed hearing the children's stories of their celebrations and celebrating with them at our Eid parties in school. We had a great afternoon making Eid cards and it was a wonderful time to share culture and have fun with our classes.

The Year 4 team have thoroughly enjoyed teaching this half term and are so p

Its the end of Summer 1 term 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y4…………………….


Coffee Mornings Every Thursday

Dear Parents/Carers

We hold a coffee morning in school every Thursday 9am -10am in The Woodlands.

Each week we will have a focus subject led by a class teacher to support our families and children.

All parents are encouraged to attend.



Led by  



Miss Grieves



Pupil Leadership

Mrs Mitchell


Online safety ehat can children access online

Mrs Morris



Mrs Hodgkins


Moving to a new class - dealing with change

Mrs Machin-Short 


Eid party - bring a dish to share Parents


Coffee with the Principal Mrs Maqsood-Shah


If you require further information please contact the school office.

Many thanks 


Coffee Mornings Every Thursday




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