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Its the end of Autumn 1 term 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Reception…………………….

WOW! what a fantastic start to FS2! The children have amazed us with how quickly they settled in to their new environments and learnt our rules and routines. We have been very busy with our learning this half term. We started off the Autumn term by getting to know one another, making friends and building relationships with one another. We kicked started our learning this term by covering our ‘All about me’ topic, where we got to know each other a little better by drawing who lives in our house, making ourselves out of play dough and painting self portraits. We moved onto our Autumn theme, where we used marble rolling to create Autumnal leaves, made hedgehogs from play dough and pasta and learnt all about the signs and changes in the natural environment during Autumn. We have most recently been learning all about Owls, with our focus book ‘Owl Babies’, the children have created story maps, made owl nests using sticks in the construction area and acted out the story using props. In Maths this half term we have covered, sorting, matching, mass, capacity, size, comparing amounts and pattern. We have used scales to weigh different objects, continued repeating patterns as well as creating our own and sorted sweets into groups which we got to enjoy afterwards! We have also enjoyed doing the word rap, concept cat and phonics, where we support the learning with action songs which the children join in with. The children have had so much fun and learnt so much! Next term we look forward to learning all about ‘People who help us’ and ‘Winter festivals’. We can’t wait for next half term for more exciting learning, enjoy your break FS2! Parents, you can keep up to date on all our fun learning by following the FS2 Twitter page @HHA_EYFS. 

Its the end of Autumn 1 term 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Reception…………………….


Its the end of Autumn 1 term 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y4…………………….

Year 4 have made a great start to the year and we are proud of the way they have adapted to the school rules and routines. We have had a successful first half term full of fun, learning and creativity.  


In our English lessons, we have planned both reading and writing meticulously to ensure children receive a deeper understanding of the text so that they can produce their own version. We have completed tongue twisters and instructions on how to make Lego models. Furthermore, children have loved ‘The Building Boy’ story and have been using it to make their own adventure story which will include both setting and character descriptions.  


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Its the end of Autumn 1 term 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y4…………………….


Its the end of Autumn 1 term 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y5…………………….

Year 5 have had a fantastic half term, through exploring the historical changes of the Roman Empire to writing compare and contract texts about fascinating animals! Well done.


In Writing, we have been learning about the features and structure of a compare information text and using this knowledge to write our own interesting compare texts using research from our chrome books. We have also looked at fiction texts and used our prior learning and videos to write a narrative story that leaves descriptive clues for the reader to interpret. We have transformed these into audiobooks by recording ourselves reading them aloud.


In History, our new topic has been all about the Roman Empire. First, we researched and discussed the different aspects of the Roman Empire, such as geographical size, slavery, science, technology, politics and religion. Next, we analysed how these things changed over time in the Roman Empire. We learnt about how size, technology and politics changed quickly whereas religion changed slowly.

D & T:

This half term, children explored all about the different musical instruments and how sounds are made. We were very interested in trying out different instruments to see how they made different sounds. We then used this knowledge to design and make our own musical instrument – a rainmaker. For our final piece, we used cardboard, decorations and rice to carefully craft together our working rainmakers. They sound fantastic!


In Music, we have continued our scheme of learning on Charanga, creating more opportunities to improve our skills on the Glockenspiels. We have loved learning to sing the song ‘Living on a prayer’ by Bon Jovi.

After-school Clubs:

The children have really loved being part of the after-school clubs available to them. We have had some very excited children for Calligraphy club, choir, cricket club and bench ball club. We hope to see the same enthusiasm in the clubs for next half term!

The Year 5 team have thoroughly enjoyed teaching Year 5 this half term and it has been uplifting to see so many children dedicated and excited for their learning.

We look forward to welcoming all children back after half term to enjoy another 7 weeks of new learning and experiences.

See you soon,

Year 5 Team.

Its the end of Autumn 1 term 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y5…………………….


Its the end of Autumn 1 term 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in nursery…………………….

What a fantastic start to Autumn term nursery have had we our existing and new children. We have been busy learning all about our new classroom and exploring all the areas. We are getting very good at remembering where all the toys are resources go so, we can put everything away at tidy up time!

We have had so much fun learning lots of new songs with our friends - some songs we use our tap sticks to tap to the beat! It’s so exciting to listen to music and learn new actions.

We have also been using a variety of mark making tools including felt tips, paint and even leaves to collage! We have created representations of our friends, family and even some animals from the ‘Three Bears Story’.

Now we are settled back into nursery we have been enjoying trying new foods and skills at snack time. Some of us are learning the names of new foods and talking about what we like, some of us are using our snack mats to make sentences about what we like and some of us are even telling our friends what food we like to eat!

In our outdoor area we have been looking at changes in the playground to look for signs of autumn. We went to pick apples from our fabulous apple trees and made apple strudel after carefully chopping them into small pieces. We have also been collecting leaves and talking about what beautiful colours we can see.

We have also been doing some counting while we collect the leaves- some of us were able to find ‘more’ brown leaves! We are so excited to see what learning we are going to do next! Remember to ask us all about our learning at home - we are so excited to tell you all about it!



Its the end of Autumn 1 term 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in nursery…………………….


Video Appointment Parents Evening via School Cloud 9th & 10th November

Dear Parents/Carers

We will be holding our video appointment parents evening on 9th & 10th November via school cloud.  School Cloud allows you to choose your own appointment times with your childs class teacher and you will receive an email confirming your appointments.

The system will open for parents to make appointments from Wednesday 20th October at 9am.

We also have a dedicated School Cloud page on our website, where there is a lot of detailed and helpful information on the page to help guide you in accessing and using this new system. Please click here to access the School Cloud Page.

We will hold our virtual parent evening meetings on

Acorns - Tuesday 9th November– 12.30 – 3.30pm

FS1 - Tuesday 9th November & Wednesday 10th November 4-6pm

FS2 - Y6 - Tuesday 9th November & Wednesday 10th November 3.30 - 6pm (Y1 Aquamarine will have 4 appointments available on Monday 8th November 3.30pm - 4pm)

Parents will be sent a letter detailing all the information needed to make appointments, along with parents unique login code, that you will need to use to make your appointment. Parents can click here to access the High Hazels School Cloud Account

Please see the list below of the browser versions you will need to access for the device you will use when logging onto school cloud for your video parents evening appointment:-

IOS (Iphone & Ipad) – use safari

Android –  use Chrome or Firefox

Windows –  use Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge

MacOS –  use Safari, Chrome

We have also created a useful guide for parents to refer to which can be accessed here, and a useful video can be viewed here

If you have any questions or queries please contact the main school office on 0114 2442189 or email enquiries@highhazelsacademy.org.uk. 

Video Appointment Parents Evening via School Cloud 9th & 10th November


Lantern Parade 5th November

Dear Parents/Carers

We will host our Lantern Parade on 5th November following a 2 year absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The parade will leave High Hazels Academy at 4pm, the parade route will follow Staniforth Road and Main Road, and return back to High Hazels Academy.

Everyone can enjoy performances by High Hazels school choir, students from SPA, fire throwers and stilt walkers etc. There will also be a range of food and cake stalls to enjoy!

Come along, bring your lanterns and enjoy the fun


Lantern Parade 5th November


Its week 7 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y3…………………….

This week, Year 3 have been re-telling a set of fictional instructions in which they guided Little Red Riding Hood on her journey to Grandma's house using a story-map. They used imperative verbs and actions to perform each step and then innovated the story by adding expanded noun phrases and prepositions of time. We can't wait to see their writing next week!

Its week 7 😊 Let’s see what’s been happening in Y3…………………….




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